“Welcome to my world of Voiceover. Being a voiceover artist is one of my greatest gifts. I’ve had the pleasure of lending my voice to over forty radio stations and ten national brands. Having the ability add my special sauce to elevate a campaign, amplify a radio stations personality and grow awareness for a variety of clients has been nothing short of awesome.  I learned very early on in my career that it is one of the biggest attributes in my media arsenal and I proudly share it every chance that I get”!

Below is a snapshot of some of my recent voiceover work, including collaborations with IHeartMedia, Cox Radio Group, Palace Resorts, ESPN and more. 

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Above are a few of my latest VO projects including Radio Imaging, Television Commercials and work with brands like Visit Barbados, JetBlue and ITunes.

Above is my latest JetBlue voiceover I’ve had the pleasure of working with the brand on their Caribbean and Miami based initiatives.

How to break into Voiceover? Here's my "How To" on a frequently asked question!

VJ VO Radio

Television Spots for Alicia Keys' Album Releases

My latest Music Release Demo featuring: Kendrick Lamar, Alicia Keys, Pitbull and Rihanna.

Travel VO for brands: TripAdvisor, Visit Barbados (English and Spanish) and Digicel.

Radio Imaging Demo. Features Include: KMEL, KTU, CFXJ, WGCI and more.