The Yacht ride from Isla de Mujeres transfers to Le Blanc daily.

I love a good getaway; the good kind that captures all of your passions and senses in one experience. For me, a good vacation includes a heavy dose of adventure, great local food, an abundant cultural scene coupled with cozy accommodations. That’s the kind of getaway I can’t get enough of. It’s all about discovering a new place, soaking in the location by day and relaxed lavish settings by night. That’s why I chose Isla de Mujeres off the coast of Cancun, Mexico for a recent vacation. As I look back on my trip, in many ways, I don’t think I chose the location at all, but instead, it chose me.

Cancun's pristine beaches.

Cancun’s pristine beaches.

For me, travel has become a career in some respects, but I do make it a point to venture off at least once a year to purely disconnect from the world, re-connect with myself, and recharge for the new season. Although I’ve visited Cancun several times before, I craved a completely different experience this time around. And I found it in Isla. Below is my week in pictures off the coast of Cancun on the island of Isla de Mujeres and a guide for couples who crave adventure.

Top 3 Must DO’s by day:

  1. The Whale Sharks- Go ahead and jump in! Thrill seekers from all over the globe make their way to the shores of Cancun every year for a very special annual event. Whale Sharks migrate to the area during the summer months to feed on the billions of plankton that fill the waters. This attraction has quickly become one of the most sought after in Cancun and Isla, as thousands flock to see the giant sharks up close. Now getting in the water with them sounds outlandish at first, but it is truly one of the most awe impressive experiences that you can take in. Either from Isla or Cancun, you can take tours (which take about an hour) directly to the area where the sharks feed. You can then snorkel with them for about 30 minutes per tour. Solo Buceo has been my go to for three swims now. They are friendly, knowledgeable and safe! Below are some pics.
Solo Buceo tours allow you to snorkel with the sharks for about 30-45 minutes.

Solo Buceo tours allow you to snorkel with the sharks for about 30-45 minutes.

Whale Shark Season is May-Early September each year.

Whale Shark Season is May-Early September each year.

  1. Over Water Zip Lining– Isla de Mujeres boasts an incredible day experience that includes some of the Caribbean’s most impressive zip lining. Over water zip lining to be exact at Garrafon Park is a must try! Think of Garrafon as an all day experience as well, with infinity pools, lounge areas, hammock lined trees, kayaks, and buffet style catering. You’ll want to make a day of it to get the most out of the luxury park.
Garrafon PArk Ziplines are pretty impressive.

Garrafon PArk Ziplines are pretty impressive. There are several that go directly over the water. Make sure you bring sunscreen. This is an all-day affair.

  1. Dolphin Discovery – Who can resist the amazing dolphins and seals at Isla’s Dolphin Discovery. The sanctuary is open all year on both Isla de Mujeres and at Moon Palace Resort in Cancun. You’ll want to bring an extra change of clothes as well because you’re guaranteed to get wet. Below are a few pics of my time on Isla.
Dolphin Discovery

Dolphin Discovery

VJ and Flipper

Where to stay and relax when you’re ready to unwind?

Beach Massages are always a good idea and on Isla de Mujeres, you’ll find plenty of options to unwind on the shore. Local Eateries litter the coast and you can always grab a gold cart to get an off the beaten path self-tour. On Isla, the beaches are as warm as the natives and you’ll literally find adventure is on every corner, if you’re looking for it.

Where to stay: Palace Resorts at Isla is your place if you’re looking for a quiet and relaxed getaway. The island truly offers serious adventure by day and relaxation by night. One of the many perks of the Palace Resorts brand is that they have a chartered yacht that transfers you from the mainland to Isla in style and back to Cancun. It’s about a 30-minute ride over to the island. Based on when you go, you can catch an amazing sunset or sunrise along with the most turquoise blue water on your ride. This truly feels like you’re on your way to paradise.

isla sunrise


The walkway to catch the Yacht to Le Blanc

The walkway to catch the Yacht to Le Blanc

Love the lavish life when you vacation? IF the answer is yes, then opt for Le Blanc, Palace’s 5-Diamond rated hotel on Cancun’s most prestigious beach. Le Blanc boasts a personal butler per floor for guests, world-renowned restaurant and their infamous fish pedicures, which are apart of the spa experiences on property.

Le Blanc's luxurious spa was worth every minute!

Le Blanc’s luxurious spa was worth every minute!

Whatever you’re looking for in a vacation, you’ll find it in Cancun. I can always count on the location to deliver on adventure, lavish accommodations, pristine beaches, and cultural variety. If you’re craving something different, then Cancun is waiting!

Isla De Mujeres is littered with boats just like this, made for fishing and whale shark tours.

Isla De Mujeres is littered with boats just like this, made for fishing and whale shark tours.

Written by Vanessa James. All opinions are my own. 

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