The United State of Women Summit 2018.

As an entrepreneur and content creator eight years in, finding inspiration and creativity for me is a must! It’s how I continue to evolve and grow VJMedia every year. As many of you know, when you work for yourself, YOU are your own motivator, your own self-disciplinarian, and YOU are your own self-delegator. It can be hard to stay focused, stay inspired and scale up,...

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Trinidad Carnival truly is sweet for days!

As far back as I can remember, my family has celebrated carnival. Regardless of where we’ve lived, Trinidad & Tobago, our homeland, has always been apart of our lives and carnival culture is at the essence of that existence. Trini’s often say that once the carnival bug hits your veins, it’s virtually impossible to let it go and I couldn’t agree more. Right around late...

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It’s been four years since I signed on as the Music Director and Curator for Hispanicize after hosting the event the year before. In 2012, I presented the power brands Co-Founder and Music Supervisor Katherine Johnson Gunn an opportunity to not only engage social influencers and markets, but to introduce a platform to which every Latino could relate to; music! Together we’ve gone on to...

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