Frequently Asked Questions


copy09532e6f-c453-4318-a025-29d745a08ce2After starting VJMedia in 2010, I often get a lot of questions, well about it all. Creating your own company can be scary and taking the leap of sharing your progress with the world can be down right frightening. But there are so many awesome nuggets that I’ve learned along the way and now, after creating a successful brand as a solo-entrepreneur, I have much to share with you who may be thinking about taking that leap as well. Here are the answers to a few FAQ’s that I get often all wrapped into a few Podcasts that I created just for you. So Vanessa…..

  1. How did you get started in radio and how can I? 
  2. How did you transition to Voiceover and make it a successful career? 
  3. The Art of Reinvention: How to reinvent and refresh your brand? 
  4. How to make lists work for you not against you? 
  5. How to work with the brands that you LOVE?
  6. How many radio stations and brands do you do VO for? 
  7. Do you offer internships? 

#ASKVJ: How did you get started in Voiceover and create VJMedia?

#ASKVJ: How to become a successful entrepreneur and tips for starting a business?

#ASKVJ: How do you work with brands and make lasting connections?