The famous Classic Car row in Downtown. Taxi drivers line their classics up during their lunch breaks. Perfect for photo savvy tourists like me.
Caribbean / Travel / VJMedia
31 Jul 2018

Cuba is calling- you should answer! Here’s everything you need to know before you visit Havana

The last time I visited Cuba it was in 2014 and although that doesn’t seem like that long ago, so much has changed on the island since then. From President Obama’s visit, the opening of new luxury hotels in downtown Havana (The Ritz Carlton and the St. Regis in 2019) to the the renovation of Cuba’s capitol building, progress is happening in many places on...

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Music and Lifestyle / Travel
19 Jul 2018

All things Essence Festival 2018- my official recap video.

Above is my official recap video of this year’s Essence Festival, specifically my time at the convention center where a lot of the magic took place. Hope you enjoy and I’ll be sharing more experiences very soon from my time at Essence. Cheers, Vanessa All around the country this week, girlfriends are on FaceTime, in group texts and on the gram getting their plans together...

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02 Jul 2018

The Lincoln Navigator makes waves with in Miami.

My friends at the Lincoln Motor Company dropped off the new 2018 Navigator, for review last week and I have to say, this is one of the most luxurious SUV’s I’ve ever step foot in. Clearly made for those who love an opulent and elegant lifestyle, this luxury SUV, checks all the boxes. After exploring Miami’s Design District, where might I add, the Navigator fits...

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The United State of Women Summit 2018.
Conference / VJMedia
16 May 2018

The United State of Women Summit 2018.

As an entrepreneur and content creator eight years in, finding inspiration and creativity for me is a must! It’s how I continue to evolve and grow VJMedia every year. As many of you know, when you work for yourself, YOU are your own motivator, your own self-disciplinarian, and YOU are your own self-delegator. It can be hard to stay focused, stay inspired and scale up,...

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Headed to Jamaica? Check out these “Cool Runnings in Kingston”. The best gems in Jamaica’s capitol city.
Caribbean / Reviews / Travel
15 Mar 2018

Headed to Jamaica? Check out these “Cool Runnings in Kingston”. The best gems in Jamaica’s capitol city.

When you think about the island of Jamaica a few things immediately come to mind: blue translucent waters, the iconic reggae music of Bob Marley, and well, the islands affinity to ganja. When most people think about traveling to Jamaica their first thought in choosing a location is the North coast because it has so much to offer. From Negril to Montego Bay to Ocho...

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Trinidad Carnival truly is sweet for days!
Caribbean / Carnival / Community / Travel / VJMedia
04 Mar 2018

Trinidad Carnival truly is sweet for days!

As far back as I can remember, my family has celebrated carnival. Regardless of where we’ve lived, Trinidad & Tobago, our homeland, has always been apart of our lives and carnival culture is at the essence of that existence. Trini’s often say that once the carnival bug hits your veins, it’s virtually impossible to let it go and I couldn’t agree more. Right around late...

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Entrepreneurship / Voiceover
17 Feb 2018

#VoicedbyVJ: My latest work with ESPN featuring Serena Williams and Simone Manuel.

Smiling from ear to ear as I share this with you. Over the years I’ve had the honor of lending my voice to amazing brands like JetBlue, Palace Resorts, Barbados Tourism Board, IHeartMedia and Cox Media stations. Recently, I expanded my portfolio to include ESPN to which I proudly voiced their Black History Vignettes including highlights of sports trailblazers Serena Williams, Simone Manuel, Lebron James...

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Brands / Community / Women of Impact
01 Feb 2018

The VJMedia Woman of Impact 2018- Nominations

The VJMedia Women of Impact Dinner here in Miami was created five years ago with the sole intention of bringing together women across the media spectrum who seldom meet and connect. I wanted the event to serve as the collision point for women here in South Florida making noise in the social space, in philanthropy and community who are truly impacting the change they want...

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Brands / Caribbean / Hotel / Reviews / Rum / Travel
13 Jan 2018

JetBlue just made sun, fun and rum in Barbados easier to enjoy!

I’ve heard a lot of people say that when you visit one Caribbean island you’ve seen them all. Well I’ll be the first to tell you that that theory is way off and couldn’t be further from the truth! After exploring the Caribbean for years, I still find each location to be fascinating, unspoiled and largely undiscovered (Like my recent visit to Kingston, Jamaica). As a girl...

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15 Oct 2017

Going Rogue in Napa! My #RogueTrip out west with Nissan

Glad you loved the Rogue trip video above from my time in Napa… Below, check out my post from the reveal of the Midnight collection and when I really fell in love with the Nissan Rogue and the entire fleet of vehicles from the brand. Fresh off the Chicago Auto Show I have news to share from Nissan. Car lovers who are fans of the...

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