Chef Lorena Garcia and Lincoln Motors host a perfect Miami evening.
Can you believe it’s already fall and we’re almost approaching the holidays? As I look back on my year there have been so many amazing little moments that I will walk away with, smile and say; that one was special! Recently, I was invited to be apart of an intimate dinner and driving experience with Lincoln Motor Company and famed Latina chef, Lorena Garcia. This was hands down one of those special nights. The Lincoln brand was celebrating the launch of their to new 2016 MKX, which just recently hit the market and is by all accounts THE car to beat in its class.
VJ and Lincoln MKX

Lincoln is known for doing things in a very luxurious way and this night was no exception. First, we were treated to an opportunity to test drive the new MKX on the streets of Wynwood Miami and the design district. What I immediately loved about the car was its clean lines, impeccable attention to detail and the overall look and feel inside. While driving, you feel in command of the road and in your own bubble at the same time. Can we also talk about the massaging seats for both the driver and passenger? Talk about a way to get your mind off of traffic. Simple but really important features like LED Embrace lighting which appears the moment you walk up to the vehicle, really caught my eye. The extended panoramic sunroof is also so perfect for Miami because you feel like you’re literally driving with the top down at all times. They’ve even added 360° cameras strategically throughout the vehicle to assist with parking and keep you aware of your surroundings. Lincoln pulled out all the stops on the MKX and it’s clearly paid off, because this car is a hit!

The Lincoln brand has made a huge transition in the marketplace recently, from being known as a car that my parents or grandparents would drive, to now being one of the hottest, sexiest and most sought after vehicles on the road today. Thirty-something’s like myself are now more than ever are looking for luxury, style and comfort all in one vehicle and Lincoln embraces all of those features in the new 2016 MKX. I think the transition has a lot to do with the way they’ve thought about the vehicle and kept the driver in mind. The embrace lighting for instance, is really a wow factor that is exclusive to the Lincoln brand. Think about the fact that now when it’s dark and you approach your vehicle an LED floor mat doorstep lights up to make it even easier to get into. Who thinks of that? Lincoln does- and for a girl on the go, this is a game changer.

Now let’s talk about another highlight of the evening, Chef Lorena Garcia. You may know her from television or even have one of her famed books. Well I’m here to tell you that she is even more darling in person. The moment you meet Lorena Garcia, you feel like she’s your favorite aunt that just came to visit and you can’t wait to hang out with her to hear all of her amazing cooking stories. Lorena invited us into her space and her kitchen for a special evening with Lincoln that was curated and handcrafted by the chef herself.

Everything minute detail about the experience was thought out to perfection. From walking us through each delectable bite of her five course meal, to the perfect floral and candle lit decorations that lined the table including our own handcrafted Lincoln inspired aprons, it was truly one of the most special evenings that I’ve celebrated in Miami. Lorena was there to celebrate the launch of her brand-new book “New Taco Classics”. She explained her process of creating inspirational meals including her famous tacos. “Balance is about flavors and contrast in textures. When I cook, I try to achieve that perfect bite where all of those flavors come together”.

Lorena's New Book "New Taco Classics" is available on Amazon and in bookstores nationwide!

Lorena’s New Book “New Taco Classics” is available on Amazon and in bookstores nationwide!

And so they did, course after course, each more delicious than the last. Being brought into the kitchen to actually cook with Lorena was probably more delicious than the food itself. Although many of us cook for fun, cooking is truly an art form and Lorena Garcia has blissfully mastered it. I’ve tried a few of her recipes on my own, including the Grilled Tomato Salsa, and the Peruvian Pico de Gallo (both perfect for football season and included in her book). Although I’m no chef Lorena, I think she’d be proud of my progress! To purchase her new book, click here!

Written by Vanessa James. All opinions are my own.

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