Why Bimini, Bahamas is always a good idea!

I think I’ve found the perfect mid-week pick me up; Bimini, Bahamas. Can you believe that it’s less than 3 hours from Miami (by boat and 35 minutes by plane) yet a world away from stress? Well it is! And as of October 2014, they’ve made it even fast for you to get there! I was recently invited by Resorts World Bimini to embark on their new non-stop route direct from Port Everglades to the island.  Here’s how it plays out. The SuperFast cruise will provide full access from Ft. Lauderdale’s Port Everglades Tuesday-Thursday’s and toss the baton to Miami who will provide non-stops Friday through Sundays. Not bad if you can get away for a mid-week stress releiver or a weekender for that matter.

So how was my trip? As you can imagine a fabulous time was had enjoying the ship and the island. What I actually experienced was much more- it was pure Bimini Bliss.

bimini 2

If I’m being honest, I’m not biggest ‘cruiser’. I’d much rather hop on a plane and arrive at my destination in a few hours with the freedom to then do as I please. The idea of confinement and planned activities frankly weirds me out. This is why I actually fell in love with the trip over to Bimini. It was quick, fun, and felt open and free.

Here’s the setup: You’re greeted by the friendly crew who welcome you with mimosas and bellinis when you embark. You’re then escorted to several breakfast nooks to start off the day. There are tour guides throughout the ship, but you never feel bombarded. It’s quite the opposite. Wanna chill in your cabin and wait for the ship to arrive at Bimini island? You can do that! Rather dance the day away on the upper deck with sounds by the hottest DJ’s out of Miami? They’ve got you covered with that too. Within a max occupancy of 1500 patrons, Bimini Superfast is quite spacious. You choose how much or little you want to get into.

For me, cocktails and dancing are never a bad way to start off the morning, and that’s exactly where you could find me; top deck taking in the sunshine and the ocean and some salsa too! Take a quick peak below at my time on board and on the island.

And the island? Isn’t that what you’re really here for? Picture this: pure bliss the moment you arrive. From pristine turquoise waters so clear that you can see the conch shells littering the sea floor, to colorful villas that line the shoreline en route to Alice Town, (Bimini’s capitol). We rented a golf cart and toured the town too. Stopping off at boutique Bahamian houses, fresh conch villas and the classic ‘coconut man’, we got a good dose of what the island had to offer. What I did’nt have a chance to do was tour the shipwreck which is right off shore or take in some snorkeling. But there’s always room for round two and I plan on heading back very soon!

Whether you’re planning a quick getaway with family, girlfriends, couples or just a quick mid-week retreat, you’ll find it all in Bimini. By the way, the newly opened hotel is ready for you as well in case you want to make your stay a little longer. I can surely say that Resorts World Bimini is a great way to get your there! To book your trip and explore options, click here!

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Disclosure: I was invited by Resorts World Bimini and The Bahamas Tourism Ministry aboard the Resorts World Bimini ship for a day cruise and excursion. All opinions are my own.

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