The United State of Women Summit 2018.

As an entrepreneur and content creator eight years in, finding inspiration and creativity for me is a must! It’s how I continue to evolve and grow VJMedia every year. As many of you know, when you work for yourself, YOU are your own motivator, your own self-disciplinarian, and YOU are your own self-delegator. It can be hard to stay focused, stay inspired and scale up,...

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I’ll be speaking at the Flourish Media Conference in Miami. Join me!

Heads up entrepreneurs! I’ll be speaking this February at the first ever Flourish Media conference in Miami. The conference is geared towards budding entrepreneurs who are looking to take both their business and brands to new heights in 2017 and beyond and I couldn’t be happier to be involved. Getting a chance to connect with fellow lady entrepreneurs and aspiring content creators is a VJMedia...

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Ford Trends 2016: Innovation, Andra Day and B&O Play lead the way.

September 2016 will mark the third anniversary of me attending the popular Ford Trends summit. From Detroit to San Francisco, each time I’m invited to be apart a collective of influencers who have a front row seat as Ford debuts their latest trends for the upcoming season. Each time, I walk away awe-inspired by the attention to detail that Ford puts in the overall experience....

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