The Ford Focus; More Technology, More Style, and even more.

I always love getting behind a brand-new automobile to test it out for the first time. Although I’m only one person and I can’t drive them all at once, it’s great to be able to give YOU, my viewers, a taste of all the options that are out there if they are in the market for a new car. Last week I got  behind the...

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The Sobe Wine and Food Festival, always a hit!

Every February on the sands of Miami Beach​, t​hings start to smell and ​taste just a little fancier. There’s a signature event that comes roaring into town that the entire cit​y​ ge​ars up. It’s the ​F​ood ​N​etwork’s South Beach ​W​ine and ​F​ood Festival and every year it seems to blow the expectations off the previous.​ ​This year I was invited by my friends at General...

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