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Benari Stuart's custom wall.

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost that time again! One idea created three years ago on the beach over a glass of wine and my favorite notepad, sparked a mini revolution in the event world in Miami. It began as a concept to simply bring people together that I work with from all walks of media and entertainment who simply needed to connect. How...

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The Crowd Selfie with Miami Influencers and the Monster Team.

It’s very rare that you have an opportunity to meet the visionary and the CEO of an iconic Fortune 500 brand. It’s even more unusual when that very brand calls on you to assist in curating a very special experience to premiere its new gadgets and products. That’s exactly what happened when Monster Products rolled into Miami as apart of their national #MonsterTour recently. Not...

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So proud to have been included in this movement! I was approached by them to tell a brief story on why I’m a Mayimba; a chief, a trailblazer, a pioneer, and a cheerleader. I proudly told that story and I can’t thank Zoila Darton and Marti Cuevas (Founders of Mayimba) enough! Thank you Mayimba Music Group for the honor of inclusion and thank you for...

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