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If you’ve been following me on social media this year (@vanessajamesmedia on IG and FB),  I’m sure you’ve noticed an uptick in my travel adventures. This year alone, I dipped my toes in the sands of the Trinidad and Tobago, U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Vincent, Bequia, Grenada, criss crossed the mainland and even took a whiskey tour through the Kentucky countryside.

So it’s only fitting that I take my love for travel to new heights and new audiences. Excited to announce my collaboration with Cafe Mocha Radio network as their new correspondent for an on-air a and digital feature, coined Cafe Mocha Travels with Vanessa James. With this new platform, I’ll be diving into more than just the destinations themselves, but also highlighting the people, cultures and food that make each location unique and worth visiting. After every trip, catch a 4-part highlight to include: An on-air interview with the ladies of the show, a detailed written round up of the experience, video wrap-up and podcast, so you can listen and catch those travel nuggets on the go! So if you’re making travel plans soon.. (click on pictures below)

Check out with the U.S. Virgin Islands are Full of Vibes: 

or why St. Vincent and The Grenadines carnival is such a summer sweet spot. 

and why the SilverSands Grenada should be on your shortlist of must visit for luxurious couples getaways

And we’re just getting started. Stay connected and drop a comment below. Let me know where you’ve traveled this year and we’re you’re looking forward to visiting!




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