Hakata TonTon NYC: A Foodie’s Paradise.

Even the biggest ​Foodie​ in New York​ City​ will tell you that ​its nearly impossible to discover ​every restaurant that the city has to offer.​ With new eateries popping up all the time while others close down​, ​it’s hard to keep up with the trendy food scene. I just came off ​of a​ visit to Manhattan and I’m happy to report back ​that I happily did some well needed research on our behalf for the next time you venture to the big apple.

​Eve​ry now and again ​a ​place ​comes along​ and leaves a lasting impression on your taste buds. ​A place so unique that it boasts an average 2 hour wait on a week-night. Where may you ask did I indulge in every morsel of finger licking goodness? None other than the infamous Hakata TonTon Japanese restaurant.

Tu​cked away on a seemingly ​quiet s​treat in the West Village lies ​one of the​​ most sensuous Japanese restaurants that my mouth has ever encountered. Maybe it was the drinks and champagne before even getting into the restaurant due to the wa​it​ that wet my appetite. Maybe it was the line that wrap​ped​ around the corner to the neighboring ​B​ig ​Gay​ I​ce ​C​ream ​S​hop​, (which of course we indulged for dessert)​. I’m still perplexed. What I am sure about is how ​Hakata TonTon received countless Zagat ratings and 5-star reviews​; its just that good.

Here’s a peak of what we had (all highly reccommended).

So if you’re a fellow New Yorker or just coming into the city for a weekend, make it your duty to head to the West Village and take in this experience. You’ll thank me later! For a complete menu and details, click here.

Written by Vanessa James. All opinions are my own.

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