You may or may not have head the exciting news, BUT I’m taking my love for Carnival and the Carnival Culture global with a new digital project called “Carnival to the World”. It’ an exciting time for VJMedia along with my production partner SteadyImage Multimedia. Carnival to the World will take you inside some of the globes biggest, most colorful and culturally diverse carnivals to explore the customs, music, food, culture, costumery, and people that make each location so special. This is your chance to get involved and dive into this annual phenomenon and global expression of freedom. We’ve toured Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Miami, New York, and most recently set our sights on LA! One of the many stops on the carnival tour this year was the LA Cultural Festival aka Hollywood Carnival. With Hollywood Boulevard as the backdrop, we celebrated the diverse culture of the Caribbean, South America, and America customs combined. YES- we took over the road for 5 miles before heading into a nearby park to celebrate the carnival culture with thousands of screaming fans. Quite the memorable experience. Enjoy the preview- and notice I said preview as the digital platform will launch soon where you can get even closer to the BLISS! For more, click here! 

Written and Produced by Vanessa James Media and SteadyImage Productions. 

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