Lincoln’s Continental concept car is a show stopper!

When Lincoln Motor Company comes out to play, oh they come out to play. With the recent launch of their black label series that has been catching buzz like wildfire across the country, I’ve already been incredibly impressed by the brand and their rollout of luxury vehicles as of late. Then this happened- on one October night in Miami, the luxury brand surpassed all expectations with the reveal of their new concept vehicle that was nothing short of show-stopping; the Lincoln Continental. At first glance, you’re wowed by the sleek finish, unparalleled style and overall glamour. Then, you take a closer look and realize that every detail was thought through to effortless perfection.

It’s as if I stepped into a reveal and immediately stepped into the future! With cool contemporary lines, a beautiful deep blue finish and velvet interiors to match, this bad boy was made with one particular customer in mind; the jet-setter! If you’re a lover of luxury, travel, high fashion and “the good life”, then this might just be the car for you. Disclaimer- you’d better be ready to get noticed, because there’e no hiding behind the wheel of the Lincoln Continental!


Let’s talk features and details. An awesome feature that I truly enjoyed were the tote bags that were perfectly situated right behind both the passenger and the drivers seat. Perfect for that jet setter in mind, this simple detail is what the continental designers Max Wolfe and his team thought about. They spared detail in capturing the needs of the driver and took things one step further by integrating them into every single aspect of the luxury vehicle.

“E-Latch door handles tuck discreetly in the clean vehicle beltline. The door handle technology also provides for elegant entry. The doors open effortlessly with the touch of a button positioned on the underside of the door handle wings and close quietly. Some brands talk about ‘the machine,’ ” said Kumar Galhotra, Lincoln president. “Lincoln is different. For us, it is about more than the machine. It is about what our vehicles do for our clients.”

Another eye catcher were definitely the wheels. These 21″ beauties were made to catch every angle and turns heads on the road. Fashion designer Emilio Sosa along with Lincoln’s own lead exterior designer Max Wolfe were on hand as well to talk about the Continental’s style factor! Sosa gave a guided tour of the warm cobalt blue velvet seating, luxury grade carpeting and wheels. “Forget about just making something people will love, let’s make something so spectacular, they never want to leave” said Wolfe. The pair definitely did just that by accelerating the luxury and innovation level from bumper to bumper!

If you’re interested in owning a Lincoln Continental, get ready to get into a very prestigious line as there’s quite the waiting list for those who yearn to own such a beautiful piece of machinery, but it can be done. The car brand has started taking limited orders for the one of a kind concept car.  After spending just two hours in the presence of the Continental, here’s what I know for sure; this car should be the star of it’s own miniseries-it’s just that dramatic!

Written by Vanessa James. All opinions are my own. 

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