My friends at the Lincoln Motor Company dropped off the new 2018 Navigator, for review last week and I have to say, this is one of the most luxurious SUV’s I’ve ever step foot in. Clearly made for those who love an opulent and elegant lifestyle, this luxury SUV, checks all the boxes. After exploring Miami’s Design District, where might I add, the Navigator fits right in; I got a chance to experience that luxury first hand. See below for my video review of the impressive Lincoln Navigator


Lincoln thought of everything and clearly their customer is top of mind. From the merlot-toned interior throughout the interior to the modern technology, I was pleasantly surprised by the incredible attention to detail that went into making this one of a kind vehicle.

My first glance at the Navigator was this past April when Lincoln invited me to the launch of their collaboration with the sbe hotels group. Customers now will have the option to experience luxury vehicles, like the Navigator and Nautilus during their stays as apart of their hotel experience. I’m so here for that!

“At Lincoln, we are focused on creating personalized experiences. We know sbe is at the forefront of hospitality and is constantly raising the bar on lifestyle, which makes this collaboration the perfect next step for us,” says John Emmert, group-marketing manager for The Lincoln Motor Company.

Lincoln also welcomed a new ambassador to the roster; celebrity mom and tennis champion Serena Williams. Serena, who was on site for the unveiling at the Raleigh Miami Beach, glowed after her recent birth as she talked about her excitement for the new collaboration. Serena also has a signature color Navigator as apart of the collection; see below.

Now back to the Navigator!
By far one of the most luxurious driving experiences for me to date, let’s dive into the details that make this Navigator so impressive. From the chocolate merlot seats to be premium sound system, the Lincoln team spared no expense on the beautiful elements that make this vehicle one of a kind. Bold and sleek technology can be seen and heard from every seat and many of the controls have now shifted to the driver’s left hand door while other main passengers also have door controls. A new modernized dashboard, butt and back massaging seats (on both the driver and passenger seats) and a high tech new console are all help set the Navigator apart in its luxury SUV category. You’ll need an entire month to discover all of the features.

The Navigator is comfort personified. A translucent dashboard equipped with a sleek modernized speed needle is a wow feature during the driving experience. Another pleasant surprise was the new ambient lighting option on the console that allows you to customize the interior lighting throughout the vehicle based on your mood. Best seen at night, it’s a fabulous addition to Lincoln’s signature “Welcome Step” that the luxury brand has become known for!

So who is this vehicle really made for? Comfortably seating seven, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is perfect for a large family, athlete, businessman/woman who loves that extravagant lifestyle. Starting at a cool $73,000, the black label edition commands your attention on the road. The 2018 navigator screams luxury, elegance and grabs your attention at every turn. With this new release and collaboration, other luxury brands will now have to step their games up to compete. A complete list of features are available- visit the Lincoln Motor Company for more.


Written by Vanessa James

Disclaimer: I was loaned the Lincoln Navigator 2018 for review, all opinions are my own.

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