Get your MantraBands, carry your inspo everywhere you go!

Hey guys! I’ve partnered with one of my favorite small biz brands, Mantra Bands, a California based company focused on sharing positivity and good vibes with the world in a very fashionable way! After working with them for over five years now, and gifting them to over 100 women, I realize these carry a special place for many who receive them.

We’ve created a movement for women and men to be and stay inspired! I love gifting these little gems to female entrepreneurs and lady trailblazers who love the daily motivation and simply have to look down to find it. Women from all over have flocked to MantraBands and are now gifting them to their colleagues, family members and girlfriends, which is what the movement is really all about.

Now I’m excited to offer you the ability to purchase Mantra’s of your own for your friends, family and colleagues and receive a VJMedia discount! Click on the pic below for a complete collection and cheers to spreading more positive vibes and energy with the ones you love! 

Feature: MantraBands partnered with Vanessa for the annual Women of Impact Dinner. See the amazing night unfold here in the recap video. Click PLAY below. 

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  1. injust shared it on my Twitter! Fingers crossed! 🙂

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