Turning Ideas into Reality; my Keynote Speech with Microsoft and DELL.

Last week was such an incredible career moment for me. I’ve spoken to thousands before during my radio years about pop-culture, and this opportunity to speak to an intimate crowd of fifty small business owners was just as sweet.  I was invited by Microsoft and DELL to serve as their Keynote Speaker for their BizSpark event to kick off Entrepreneur’s Week in Miami. With the invitation, I gave nuggets of wisdom and advice on my journey and launching VJMedia as well as advice on how to start a small business from scratch and THRIVE! Other incredible small business owners here in South Florida joined in on a curated panel about elevating their brands and building a business strategy utilizing social media. 


What I love about events like these is that they allow for organic connection and conversation to unfold, and they often spark incredible collaborations too. Being an entrepreneur is not easy. It requires gut, grit, risk and a clear head. Being a successful entrepreneur is an even harder feat. It requires all of the above and a commitment to see things through even when you don’t see the peak amidst the valley. Here are a few takeaways that you can use for your own business: 

  • Stay true to your brandwe often stray to soon when we don’t think things are going well. If your have a refined message or product, stay true to it and actively promote it across your platforms. Don’t worry about outside noise. Utilize all of your tools to stand out amongst the crowd and get noticed! 
  • Go for it and Get Started! I see it all the time; people with amazing business ideas that never see them come to fruition for one simple reason. They never get started. Fear of not succeeding often gets in the way of success. IF you’re serious about your business, you’ll make time for it. Take that first step, create a plan, buy your website, create a strategy. Do whatever you have to do to get started! 
  • Create opportunities for barter with other business and collaborate. Another dream killer is most likely funding. Let’s face it, things cost money! What skills or products do you have that can get you ahead in your business? It may be time for you to consider exchanging services with another brand in order to elevate your business. 
  • #ASKBIG #GOBIG and #GROWBIG. This one is the BIG one. How many of you think that no-one will help you so you never make the ask? The ask sometimes feels too big, so you brush it off? Do you know that often times people are waiting to help you, waiting to offer services and products or even business advice to elevate your brand? NEVER be afraid to ask for what you want. I do it often and I make sure that I’m prepared to deliver I make the ask. 


Hope these nuggets of wisdom help you as you grow your brand and/or start your journey. For more questions on entrepreneurship and branding, click here!


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  1. Fantastic job by Vanessa.

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