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May 2017

Going Rogue in Nashville…

Earlier this spring I took a trip that changed my life. Yeah I know, I say that about press trips often, but this one will always hold a special place amongst my travels. Nashville of all places took me by surprise and here’s why! I had been invited by Nissan to experience the city while celebrating the launch of their new Nissan Rogue Sport. The...

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Apr 2016

Video: The #PlaybyPlay on the new 2016 Cadillac Escalade.

The new year means a new video platform for VJMedia. I’m taking my talents from the pen to a place that I’m truly comfortable (the camera), as I’ve created a new VideoSeries called: #ThePlaybyPlaywithVJ. This new video cast will be my take reviews of: cars, tech, events, and travel from a blog post to a video post where I bring you into the experience with...

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Mar 2016

My recent visit to Cuba; what to know before you go.

90 miles off the coast of Miami sits an island that has contributed to an entire culture within the Latino experience. Cuba, the concrete jungle in the middle of the Caribbean, is a country that is simply hungry and ready for change. A place famous for it’s bonita bandera (flag), diverse culture and political instability, Cuba has many treasures that go far beyond the naked eye. Most...

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Feb 2016

They call me, ‘the brand magnet’. Here’s why!

Vanessa, how do you work with such awesome brands like Cadillac, DELL, Monster Products and IHeartMedia? Vanessa how long does it take to connect with a brand and actually spur up conversation and then business? Vanessa, when you work with a brand, are you exclusive to them or can you still work with others in the same category?  These are just some of the repeat...

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Jan 2016

DELL’s Venue 8 Tablet- the review.

Happy New Year! With the new year comes new TECH which makes this girl very happy! I love getting my hands on the latest and greatest from some of my favorite tech brands and it also means new opportunities for you to win the stuff that I review! Now that’s what I call a WIN/WIN! I recently got a chance to test out the new DELL...

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Jan 2016

Video: Ricky Martin takes over Moon Palace in Cancun.

(SEE VIDEO BELOW) When accepting the invite to beautiful Cancun, Mexico to tour one of their premiere hotels Moon Palace, the answer was YES! That with an added chance to interview the 6x Grammy award winner and heartthrob Ricky Martin as apart of the experience- now that is my kind of bonus! Each time I visit Cancun I experience a sensory overload of delicious cuisine,...

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Nov 2015

Lincoln’s Continental concept car is a show stopper!

When Lincoln Motor Company comes out to play, oh they come out to play. With the recent launch of their black label series that has been catching buzz like wildfire across the country, I’ve already been incredibly impressed by the brand and their rollout of luxury vehicles as of late. Then this happened- on one October night in Miami, the luxury brand surpassed all expectations...

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