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Apr 2015

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(To be done in same style as the OneSheet).. Please use the information below. Welcome to Vanessa James is a multicultural millennial influencer with true connection to her followers and subscribers! Whether you’re a brand looking to connect with true organic millennial consumers, travel enthusiasts with expendable income, music and lifestyle culturists or the average internet voyeur with a passion for the VJMedia brand,...

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Mar 2015

Cancun, for couples who crave adventure.

I love a good getaway; the good kind that captures all of your passions and senses in one experience. For me, a good vacation includes a heavy dose of adventure, great local food, an abundant cultural scene coupled with cozy accommodations. That’s the kind of getaway I can’t get enough of. It’s all about discovering a new place, soaking in the location by day and...

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Mar 2015

Jet Blue and VJMedia get ready to #JetSetGo.

I’m excited to finally announce that I’ve partnered with my go to airline JetBlue, to bring you the latest travel news and deals in the Caribbean! You’ll get first hand news on deals and events happening on islands like Trinidad & Tobago, Bermuda, Barbados, Jamaica Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Grenada and more. LET’S GET SOCIAL:  Be sure to tag @vanessajamesmedia and @JetBlue with the hashtag: #JETSETGO when you book...

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