Path to Hip Hop Miami; a creative safe haven.

SO here’s the thing. Let’s take a time out for real talk. There are a lot of community in Miami and beyond who claim to care, claim they uplift, claim that they contribute, and maybe they do, yet there are very few organizations that live in their truth and truly give back, uplift and unite communities. This was the case and the energy that I received as I walked into the Path to Hip Hop Master Class event at The Light Box studios in Wynwood last week. I walked into a space that was full of dreams in the making, creative energy and loving arms wide open and ready to accept anyone in need of a space simply be be heard. Ford Motor Company, a proud collaborator with Path asked if I would share my career story with the kids who were celebrating the end of their 5-week journey. I was given the privilege of speaking to 30 young minds who learned the meaning behind Hip Hop, its creative roots all while they mastered their own version of self expression.

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We sat together in a Cypher circle and spoke frankly, honestly and poetically about the world and how “they” see it. Each one young, hungry, and hopeful for opportunity shared their dreams with me and their daily reality. I shared my gift (my years in radio and the music industry) and spoke honestly about the state of the industry, how its growing and ever changing and how they can best maneuver and fit in while standing out. Out of the two hour experience, what I found most exciting was their willingness to listen and be open to learn and grow!

We went around the circle, introduced ourselves and I listened to each one of them talk about life, their summer, their plans and where they see themselves. I was then treated to their final performance where they each showcased their passion and skill through art of Hip Hop. I was truly blown away by the awe-inspiring talent that each one of them evoked. Path to Hip Hop is such a beautiful safe haven for young adults like these who are searching for a place to express themselves, to learn about self empowerment, compassion and collaboration. The organization is lead by Natalie Schere and her husband Seth DJ Brimstone Schere who together have created an opportunity for creativity to flourish. I walked away with a greater appreciation for our youth, where they are going and what creativity they are bringing to the world. Path to Hip Hop; much needed and overdue! Get to know the organization and how you can volunteer and help this mission grow in numbers. Click here!

Written by Vanessa James. All opinions are my own. 

My sit down with Monster CEO Noel Lee- Watch the video here! 

VJ and Noel Action Shot

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