How to conquer 2020 like a boss!

Can someone tell me how the new year and decade are already in full swing? Looking back on 2019, I’m sure you had goals that you started off with, that vision board you crafted and checklists that look somewhat accomplished. How’d you do? I’m hoping you were able to accomplish many if not all of your goals and plans. If the last decade taught me anything, it was that time waits for noone and that this new one will fly by just as fast. As we approach this new season of opportunity though, I’m challenging myself to work smarter to be more intentional with my energy and time and to find joy in the work as much as possible.

Congrats and breathe! We’re off to a good start.. 

No need to stress if you didn’t cross off every task on that last years list. Instead, as we move into the new year and beyond, let’s look at what methods you can enact to ensure a business success story that at the very least resembles your year’s original intentions. I’ve been sharing a lot of the VJMedia journey lately and I’m glad you’re finding my truths useful for your own business. So let the sharing continue!

Below are a few steps that I take every year to make sure that I’m managing my time effectively and conquering my business and long term professional goals.

First: I approach the year in quarters & break those quarters into weeks.

Make a power list of to do’s that you must accomplish and make sure that they are attainable. As goal oriented as I am I’m also very realistic. Sure I want to be the lead voice actor for A Disney Pixar film, of course I want to work with Issa Rae on the set of Insecure, most definitely I want to score the music for an independent film and one day soon my travel adventures will grace the front-page in a column in the NY Times. Just a few vision board goals I’m putting out there (universe I hope you’re listening). Hey, if any of those opportunities arise in 2020, I’ll be ready to take on the challenge, because I believe in staying ready and open for opportunity at all times.

I would consider those to be long-term goals that are benchmarked for the next three to five years. In order to get there, I put together a series of small attainable goals that I know can be achieved this year aimed at helping me polish my business and brand so that I’m able to attract more opportunity. This opens the doors for the wow career moments currently pinned to my vision board that I’m calling into fruition daily.

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Next: Remember, your action plan should be clear, concise and realistic!

Each week I evaluate what steps I am taking towards tackling my personal and professional goals. I don’t overwhelm my to do list with things that I dream up but know are on a longer timeline (like I mentioned above). Then, I attack the week with vigor. Yes, I look forward to Mondays. I strategically plan out my weeks with the intention to crush one major goal and five small ones. Since I know my light voiceover days for example are typically Monday and Tuesday, I use those days to tackle VJMedia brand goals like curating my Women of Impact Dinner series or scoping out venues and concepts for this years VJMedia Mixology and Food Wine and Fete. 

For you, maybe its strategizing with your accountant, meeting with your financial advisor to scale investments, crafting your business plan or redesigning your website: all can be achieved in the first quarter of the year. Set those appointments, make them count and chisel away at each goal each week. Before you know it, you’re half way through that list often with time to spare.

Important: Reward Yourself Often. A nugget of wisdom that I can’t share enough is to give yourself small rewards often once you check a major goal off your list. For me, the reward could be a glass of champagne or a spa day. Whatever that is for you, reward yourself for the small wins, especially after you meet those benchmarks that you worked so hard on.

Step Two: It’s self-check time. Do you have a mentor/soul sister or business colleague in your life who you can share honestly with and who can help keep you in check professionally? This should be a person that you trust enough to give detailed information about your business and one that you will respect when they share unfiltered feedback. Thankfully, I have several people in my life who I rely on for unedited truths on my pacing, my events, my brand content and more. They keep me honest and push me to think bigger which has allowed me to scale VJMedia up in recent years into a 360° multimedia company. Advice: Keep these gems close to you and thank them often (flowers and thank you notes are never underrated. Send them).

Important: Know yourself- honor your truth. It will save you valuable time. The worst thing that I did when I first started VJMedia was thinking that I could do it all at alone. I piled a mountain of things that I wanted to accomplish on my plate, gave them a deadline and then was really hard on myself when I didn’t quite get there. I wasn’t honoring my truth about what I really wanted my brand to be about and what I was truly passionate about creating. Call it trial and error if you must, but looking back, I did waste valuable time figuring that hard lesson out. Now, I work very strategically to make sure that the things I write down and the intentions I put to paper are things I truly want to see realized for my business and brand.

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Other Nuggets of Wisdom you will appreciate: 

Be prepared to self-edit and constantly update your goals and dreams. I recently saw a BMW commercial with the tagline” Sometimes you have to unfollow your old dreams to make room for the new ones”. That powerful message really resonated with my spirit. Things I look back on and say ‘oh man I really wanted to do that’ have changed throughout the years as I’ve come to discover my true business self. I once wanted to start a Miami foodie tour after a press trip to Peru where we literally hopped from vendor to vendor trying local treats. As much as I’d still love to see that realized, my time at the moment doesn’t allow for such a project. IF an idea no longer serves your purpose or interest-that’s OK. Self-correction is a part of the entrepreneurial journey and a big part of the start-up process. Keep creating and dreaming it all up, just manage your expectations, time and energy to see things through.

Keep clutter out of your life, your space and your business. Ever walk into your home after traveling for a week to find a mountain of laundry piled high, mail that hasn’t been checked and an entire house to clean. Yup~ been there. Some people can ignore all of that and just plow through their to do lists (who are these people by the way) but for me, a clean space equals a clear mind. A clear mind allows me to be my MOST creative. I’ve become very intentional about de-cluttering my world – now I purposely work in a space that is functional and allows my thoughts to thrive. Decluttering can often also mean people. So take inventory and how and who you’re spending your most time with and if they are truly contributing to your professional growth.

Next, SO VERY NECESSARY- Take a vacation.  Mid-year (if possible) is a great time to reset for a much needed mental escape from your daily grind. For me, a travel refresh is a necessary if not mandatory part of my existence. I don’t hesitate when I see a good deal to get away for a few. Travel keeps my ideas fresh; I get to see perspectives and other worldly points of view, not to mention meet interesting people who I often end up collaborating with. I also notice a lift in my energy and spirit when I travel which I directly inject into my work. So let that inner wanderlust fly and travel baby, travel!

FINALLY, hug yourself, often. — Listen- there’s no shame in my hug game- yes I hug myself often. No fanfare needed, I AM my biggest fan and cheerleader. Frankly, as an female entrepreneur, I have to be. So don’t be afraid to give yourself a good squeeze and a pat on the back for being bold enough to take control of your life and launch your business in the first place. It takes a lot of gumption and grit to go there, often with no roadmap nor reward, yet somehow we make it work.

Finally, shout out to us: The Dreamers, The Doers, The Entrepreneurs and Innovators shifting culture everyday. 2019 was a transformative year for many of us, I feel it in my core but 2020 and this new decade will be the manifestation of many long nights and early mornings. So write down your goals and dreams and take purposeful steps to accomplishing them this year. This is after all the year of intention.

I for one will intentionally be celebrating the wins and the lessons (big and small) as I move through to what I’m manifesting will be the greatest decade of my life.

Wishing you the very best and I’m cheering you on always!


Written by Vanessa James. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. Great points. I especially liked the part about rewarding yourself once you accomplish your goals.

  2. Great read. Reward yourself often..

  3. V – This is so awesome. I felt emotional and grateful and clear about my next Q2. Interestingly, some of these things were on my list as a result of just watching how you work & listening to your advice over time. Thank you for this. Youre my gem. XO Keep dreaming big and working those goals.

  4. Hi my love Ive had my Herballife wellnesslifestyle for a min. I do it very parttime cause i have other things I work on like fedex and the our Autosales business. Im tired of being disorganized and overwhelmed. But it all in strategy and pase also…im always on the go. I need some of your nuggets to help me push my business to the next level. I know you have so much to offer and it would be an honor from you. Love you!!! Cheers

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