Going Rogue in Nashville…

Earlier this spring I took a trip that changed my life. Yeah I know, I say that about press trips often, but this one will always hold a special place amongst my travels. Nashville of all places took me by surprise and here’s why!

I had been invited by Nissan to experience the city while celebrating the launch of their new Nissan Rogue Sport. The plan was to take in the murals that line the corner streets, the Tennessee countryside and open road were we could test out the power of the Rogue and stop along the way to local eateries trying out the delicious food that Nashville is known for. What I wasn’t expecting was a surprise trip to one of the city’s hidden treasures, the Nashville Public Library.

Yes- you heard me- libraries are trending again and the Nashville Public Library is for very good reason. I would sit amongst friends at a replicated circular restaurant counter just like those of the 1950 parlors during the civil rights movement. There, we heard stories about the struggles of African American’s who fought for basic rights like equal education, equal housing and simply the right to be. It was a moving experience hearing the stories of civil rights icon John Lewis amongst many others who fought fiercely for the freedoms that many of us enjoy today. I stared at the arrest record of Mr. Lewis who was jailed for simply staging a sit in and resisting arrest.

The entrance of the civil rights room at the Nashville Public Library and the replica of a counter during the civil rights movement.

We’ve often heard and read of the stories of the civil rights movement, but to be up close and personal staring at the scenes of the struggle and reacting to many of them via photographs was incredibly moving. It was an unforgettable way to kick off my Nashville city tour and gain a deeper understanding of our countries history and cultural tapestry.

Here at the Nashville Library is a picture of the arrest record of civil rights icon John Lewis.

After that incredible moment on the trip, we jetted back to the hotel to get ready for a musical night on the town. After all we were in the music city. Little did I know that we would be going to one of Nashville’s oldest recording studios, Third Man Records, where I would record by own song on an 8” inch album (talk about an special souvenir to last a lifetime).

So what song did I record? Well whenever I’m in a musical crunch I take it back to my radio roots and pelted out an R&B classic by the Gap Band “Yearning for Your Love”. Grammy worthy rendition if you ask me!Dinner and conversation were just as smooth as the cocktails as we took in one of Nashville’s rising star that performed live for us to celebrate the night.

Third Man Recording Studio where I recorded my Rogue record!

Day two was all about the Nissan Rogue Sport and Nashville served as the backdrop for our guided tour. Fellow media personality and friend Jawn Murray and I started off on the back roads and took in the countryside so that we could tested out the Rogue Sport’s power and self parking feature. After one drive, I clearly saw why the Rogue tops the list as the best selling SUV in the country. It’s smooth handling makes it perfect for road trips and luxurious touches and features inside make it a great option for those who like to feel cocooned and comfortable, especially in traffic.

Nashville, much like the Rogue sports vibrant colors and rich textures; hence why they see the city is always LIVE! With our city map in hand we managed to scope out a few of the famous murals that wrap the town.. checkout a few our my favorites:

Countryside with my media friend and fellow influencer Jawn Murray!

In the trendy Gulch district I found my wings.

Now, can you see why I enjoyed this experience so much? Nashville has so much to see and offer and taking it all in with the Nissan Rogue Sport was the perfect way to get around the city!

Written by Vanessa James.

I was invited by Nissan to experience Nashville and the Nissan Rogue Sport.

All opinions are my own.

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