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Apr 2019

VJMedia Mixology 2019 is coming! Get ready!

Miami, the annual event celebrating creators and entrepreneurs just wrapped and it was pure magic! VJMediaMixology is a carefully curated experience that organically connects brands with bloggers, journalists, content creators, tastemakers and influencers from all walks of media in one amazing interactive experience. Known as the signature event in Miami, where creators collaborate, VJMedia Mixology encapsulates the essence of the #VJMedia brand while celebrating outstanding media pioneers...

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Mar 2019

Headed to Jamaica? Check out these “Cool Runnings in Kingston”. The best gems in Jamaica’s capitol city.

When you think about the island of Jamaica a few things immediately come to mind: blue translucent waters, the iconic reggae music of Bob Marley, and well, the islands affinity to ganja. When most people think about traveling to Jamaica their first thought in choosing a location is the North coast because it has so much to offer. From Negril to Montego Bay to Ocho...

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Apr 2018


Known for her infectious personality and insatiable energy, media maven Vanessa James uses her multi-platform career to inspire others everyday.A native of Miami with Trinidadian roots, Vanessa is a graduate of The Florida State University with a degree in Mass Media Studies and Spanish. For over twelve years, she kept Florida on the pulse of all things new in music, entertainment and community in multiple...

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Mar 2018

Trinidad Carnival truly is sweet for days!

As far back as I can remember, my family has celebrated carnival. Regardless of where we’ve lived, Trinidad & Tobago, our homeland, has always been apart of our lives and carnival culture is at the essence of that existence. Trini’s often say that once the carnival bug hits your veins, it’s virtually impossible to let it go and I couldn’t agree more. Right around late...

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Jan 2018

JetBlue just made sun, fun and rum in Barbados easier to enjoy!

I’ve heard a lot of people say that when you visit one Caribbean island you’ve seen them all. Well I’ll be the first to tell you that that theory is way off and couldn’t be further from the truth! After exploring the Caribbean for years, I still find each location to be fascinating, unspoiled and largely undiscovered (Like my recent visit to Kingston, Jamaica). As a girl...

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Apr 2016

Video: The #PlaybyPlay on the new 2016 Cadillac Escalade.

The new year means a new video platform for VJMedia. I’m taking my talents from the pen to a place that I’m truly comfortable (the camera), as I’ve created a new VideoSeries called: #ThePlaybyPlaywithVJ. This new video cast will be my take reviews of: cars, tech, events, and travel from a blog post to a video post where I bring you into the experience with...

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Mar 2016

My recent visit to Cuba; what to know before you go.

90 miles off the coast of Miami sits an island that has contributed to an entire culture within the Latino experience. Cuba, the concrete jungle in the middle of the Caribbean, is a country that is simply hungry and ready for change. A place famous for it’s bonita bandera (flag), diverse culture and political instability, Cuba has many treasures that go far beyond the naked eye. Most...

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Apr 2015

Why Bimini, Bahamas is always a good idea!

I think I’ve found the perfect mid-week pick me up; Bimini, Bahamas. Can you believe that it’s less than 3 hours from Miami (by boat and 35 minutes by plane) yet a world away from stress? Well it is! And as of October 2014, they’ve made it even fast for you to get there! I was recently invited by Resorts World Bimini to embark on...

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