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Benari Stuart's custom wall.

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost that time again! One idea created three years ago on the beach over a glass of wine and my favorite notepad, sparked a mini revolution in the event world in Miami. It began as a concept to simply bring people together that I work with from all walks of media and entertainment who simply needed to connect. How...

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5 Takeaways every entreprenuer can use from the #BEWPC.

If I could best describe my first experience at this year’s ​B​lack ​E​enterprise ​W​omen of ​P​ower ​S​ummit, it would compare to the perfect trifle that you don’t want to stop eating. ​Layers of knowledge​,​ incredible networking​,​ the nations most powerful businesswomen​, ​dynamic speakers​ and panels​​ were all wrapped ​into​ 72 hours​ of deliciousness. I’m honored to have been invited by General Motors and the Chevrolet family to take...

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