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My Essence Magazine article “Behind the Fete” – an ode to carnival culture.

Caribbean Massive, We REACH!! This one is BIG and I’m super proud to finally share it with the world! I was recently penned an article for Essence Magazine’s Summer issue on one of my purest passions; carnival and why the culture runs like electricity through our veins. When I got this assignment, my heart beamed, my cheeks hurt from smiling infectiously on the train in...

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The Paparazzi Mas Band experience at Trinidad Carnival. My review.

Born in Trinidad and raised abroad, my parents would often revere the carnival experience at our family gatherings, hence why I think I’ve always had a great respect and appreciation for the culture and tradition. So many childhood memories over Sunday lunches were centered around ‘playing Mas’ (participating in the costumed masquerade on Carnival Monday and Tuesday). It’s something that I always knew was an...

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Trinidad Carnival truly is sweet for days!

As far back as I can remember, my family has celebrated carnival. Regardless of where we’ve lived, Trinidad & Tobago, our homeland, has always been apart of our lives and carnival culture is at the essence of that existence. Trini’s often say that once the carnival bug hits your veins, it’s virtually impossible to let it go and I couldn’t agree more. Right around late...

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