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Lincoln Motor Company turns up the heat with two new vehicles in Miami!

Have you noticed lately that every time you turn on the television Matthew Mcconaughey seems to be popping up in one of those fabulous Lincoln commercials? Well it’s no secret that the luxury car brand has been on a mission to revitalize their image with a brand-new campaign and an entire new fleet of luxurious high-end vehicles to match! With the recent rollout, the Lincoln Motor...

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A storied supper with Mount Gay Rum’s Master Blender Allen Smith.

Cocktails and conversation on any given night in Miami is always a great idea. Pairing that concept with Master Blender Allen Smith and the world’s oldest rum Mount Gay, now that is truly a treat. I was honored to be among the amazing company of the master blender Allen Smith who’s story is as impressive as his world acclaimed Mount Gay Rum! We gathered for...

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The collective graduating class of Summer 2015!

SO here’s the thing. Let’s take a time out for real talk. There are a lot of community in Miami and beyond who claim to care, claim they uplift, claim that they contribute, and maybe they do, yet there are very few organizations that live in their truth and truly give back, uplift and unite communities. This was the case and the energy that I...

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