Tantalize Miami; A sexy new date night experience!

Allow me to set the mood for you on a sensual new dinner experience that just debuted in Miami Beach. Tantalize Miami; a sexy take on the ultimate date night out, couples a lavish dinner menu with saucy cabaret style performances. Located at 330 Lincoln Road, (right next to Set Miami Beach), Tantalize brings together all of the ingredients for an incredibly sensual night. You’ll be greeted by an extensive cocktail list, a 5-star dinner menu curated by famed Chef Horacio Rivadero and dimmed lighting throughout the venue to set the mood on a very unique experience. Before you indulge, allow me the opportunity to tease you just a little.

Let’s start with the cocktails: (Each handcrafted upon request). 

And now on to the menu, curated by famed chef Horacio Rivadero.  

Beat and Burrata Salad is a must try!

The Strawberry, Beet and Burrata Salad; is a must try!

Signature Salmon Dish

Chef Rivadero’s Signature Salmon Dish.

Hands down my favorite dish- The Chocolate Flan.

One of my favorite dishes- The Chocolate Flan accompanied by “Morir Soñando” sherbert.

Trickled throughout the insatiable dinner lies an unforgettable multi-sensory adventure created by artistic director Elena Lee.  “Lee’s show delights by converging the boundaries of playfulness and seduction through live narratives set to an eclectic soundtrack of jazz, soul, electro swing, alternative and dance music”. You’ll be pleasantly surprised after every course by the onset of playful sets of seduction by the Tantalize dancers.

Tantalize Cast 2

The Tantalize Cast of Ladies bring serious sensuality to an already delicious experience.

Now officially open to the public, Tantalize Miami has all of the ingredients for a truly delicious date night. If you’re making plans to turn things up a notch this summer, then this should definitely be on your hit list. For a complete rundown on dinner times, the menu and reservations, visit www.tantalizemiami.com.

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Written by Vanessa James. All opinions are my own.


  1. Looks so yum! Can’t wait to try!

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