The Cadillac ATS Coupe- A show stopper!

I recently took the all new 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe for a spin around the streets of Miami and I have news to report! It’s FABULOUS.. No need for me to sell you on this beautiful machine, better if I show you! From the clean lines, to the improved color finishes that have just a bit of sparkle that us South Florida girls love, this whip will definitely get you some unexpected but welcomed attention! I’ve never been much of a Coupe style girl myself as I love the space of 4-doors. Coming from an Escalade to car, and then to Coupe, you’d think this was too compact for me. Quite the contrary once you step inside. It’s spacious, full of serious upgrades (like voice activated navigation, weather and traffic prompts, a turbo engine that takes off in 2 split seconds, and a luxurious new upgraded interior) and more.

Take a look at my top five features from that stole my attention:



The new color finishes have a serious glam factor in the new 2015 ATS Coupe. Plum, Blues and even black now come with a touch of sparkle.


Cadillac has introduced the new Cadillac Cue feature, which is literally like a full service concierge at your fingertips.



If you loved upgrades, the interior of the new ATS Coupe is simply dreamy. I’m partial to the camel and dark tones inside, but other options include black leather, Ruby Red, Camel and this dusty brown featured above.

If you’re a car enthusiast like myself, you want the most for your money with the MOST luxury possible regardless of your price point. This is a win win in those categories and worth the second look! For more on the Cadillac ATS Coupe as well as the entire line ofor 2015, click here!

Written by Vanessa James (All opinions are my own).

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