The gift that keeps on giving; the HydraFacial at EdenRoc Spa Miami Beach.

Let’s be honest! Everyone’s craving that sun kissed glow from head to toe without the harsh heat. Did you know that you can achieve that perfect glow and get healthier skin all at the same time? Enter the breakthrough technology that is making some serious waves around the beauty industry; The HydraFacial. The 25-minute beauty treatment known for its instant results leaves your skin luminous after just one use. No, it really does! I recently had a chance to check it out myself at the EdenRoc Resort and Spa on Miami Beach and what I can tell you is that it’s nothing short of a beauty miracle.

EdenRoc Miami Beach offers the one-of-a-kind treatment exclusively on property as apart of their extensive spa menu and with Miami Spa Month just around the corner, you’re going to want to get this on your calendar soon. So a breakdown on what makes HydraFacial so one of a kind? Here it is:

  1. The HydraFacial tightens and firms. After the very first application, I felt an immediate toning and firmness on my face and neck.
  2. It leaves your skin looking and feeling younger. So here’s the thing- this facial uses suction technology to extract impurities and dead skin cells. What it leaves you with is skin that feels like butter! You’ll feel a difference on your face immediately as it will look smoother than it normal.
  3. Your Make-up applications will be easier and quicker. Huge plus for girls on the go. I noticed that makeup took less time to apply and lasted longer with less product on.
  4. You’ll notice a difference even weeks after the treatment which I was really impressed by. I’m now on my 2nd week since my first try and I’m still seeing results. I also worked the HydraFacial MD products into my daily beauty ritual using the Antiox Plus serum and the UV Smart Daily Sunscreen (both featured here) for added results.

Hydra Facial Machine

I was lucky enough to speak to beauty expert and HydraFacial master Greg Kasparian about the benefits of the treatment that he swears by and he said something very important that stuck with me. “In order for your skin to look its best it has to be its most healthy”. HydraFacial does one simple thing; it helps your skin get to its most healthy state.
As a serious spa lover, it takes a lot for me to stand by a product, especially after one use. HydraFacial has my stamp of approval. So do your face a favor and make an appointment today to begin your journey to healthier, glowing skin! Why’ll you’re there, I have a feeling you’ll stay awhile. Check out the EdenRoc’s incredible spa overlooking below which is meant for you to lounge and luxuriate while you wait.

Written by Vanessa James. All opinions are my own. 

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