It’s finally THAT time! I’ve waited way too long to share with you what is truly second nature to me and that is the power of my voice. It ends today! I’ve proudly launched my Podcast Series “The Industry Insider” after getting continuous feedback from my network and community wanting to know tricks to the trade in Music & Lifestyle as well as VoiceOver. The Industry Insider is exactly what it sounds like. A Podcast series dedicated to the free thinkers, doer’s, dreamers, risk takers and entrepreneurs seeking informative tips on how to break through, break the mold and make an IMPACT regardless of their path in media.

What you’ll get is real talk, real conversation with some of the industry’s brightest who’ve thrived in their paths. What you’ll get are nuggets of wisdom from my years in music and media. What you won’t get is what is expected. This is engaged talk and conversation that is meant to be disruptive as sometimes the truth is! Thank you for being apart of this next chapter of my journey- Season 1 is my gift to you! Share with a friend and your community; you never know who it will inspire!


~Vanessa James

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