more often especially now that we’ve found a little slice of heaven to connect. 

From L to R (Cherri PR-Blogger, Joan Thompson, Tiffany Howard, Jill Tracey, myself Vanessa James, and author Stephanie Stanford).

Clearly by now after reading my posts from Oprah’s “Life you want weekend“ you know that it was quite the life-changing experience. What made it even more special was being able to share in the memories with fellow female trailblazers, each on their own path to living their best life. With so much information to dissect and decode, we wanted to get together for a post event brunch to download all that we had learned and share insights as well. 48 hours of knowledge can feel overwhelming and it’s easy to miss key details. So this learning brunch was a great chance for us to be able re-connect with each other and share our highlights.

We decided on one of South Florida’s little hidden gems in the heart of Plantation, appropriately named, The Mustard Seed (256 S University Dr, Plantation, FL 33324). If you haven’t been there, don’t take my word for it, just take a look for yourself. It’s hands down one of the most delicious places to brunch in South Florida.

We dived into our purpose of coming together. Digging deeper, the real meaning of forgiveness, and the hard task of sometimes saying NO were all hot topics. It’s amazing to see just how many of us have the same battles and face similar challenges. Now a few mantras that really rang for each of us:

 “There is no living your “best life” unless you’re living a “spiritual life”. ~Oprah Winfrey

“What have you come here to do? Be Brave, Be Fearless, Be Stubborn. Just Begin” ~Elizabeth Gilbert

“Courage is knowing what you need to do, and doing it before you need to” ~Iyanla VanZant

“Whatever follows I AM, is gonna come looking for you” ~Iyanla VanZant

“The Law of Least effort is doing less and accomplishing more” ~Deepak Chopra.

I’m proud of this group; for coming together, and pushing each other further. We as women need to do a better job of supporting each other and embracing each other’s goals and dreams. How refreshing is it to see that the faith of these women, be it the size of a mustard seed, could truly be impactful and spring about change. The ladies also made a pact to take part in Deepak Chopra’s 21-day Spiritual challenge that you too can join. Click here! I’m quite positive that these little meet-ups will happen more often especially now that we’ve found a little slice of heaven to connect.

Written by Vanessa James.

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