The new year means a new video platform for VJMedia. I’m taking my talents from the pen to a place that I’m truly comfortable (the camera), as I’ve created a new VideoSeries called: #ThePlaybyPlaywithVJ. This new video cast will be my take reviews of: cars, tech, events, and travel from a blog post to a video post where I bring you into the experience with me. You’ll still get my opinion via a blog with an added video to bring YOU for the ride (LITERALLY).

First up, the new 2016 Cadillac Escalade- what a way to start! When GM asked me to take a peak inside, I decided then and there that my audience needed more than just pictures to capture the true beauty of this beast. So I took “the red dragon” my appropriate name for, to the streets of Wynwood while taking in some awesome views of Miami’s art district. Below is my #PlaybyPlay on everything from the Cadillac Cue to the amazing seats and wood grain, to the incredible build, wheels and outside features. From bumper to bumper, this car is AMAZING, and actually drives more like a sports car than an SUV. It definitely sits at the top of my “must have” list and I’m sure after one view you’ll feel the same way too! Give the video a click, press play and enjoy!

A few more features that caught my eye that didn’t make the video:

The DashBoard View:

Interior Caddy

The Front Grill: 

Caddy side preview

Bumper to Bumper Magic. Caddy BlogPost Pic Playby Play

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Written by Vanessa James. All opinions are my own.

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