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It’s hard to believe that it’s almost that time again! One idea created three years ago on the beach over a glass of wine and my favorite notepad, sparked a mini revolution in the event world in Miami. It began as a concept to simply bring people together that I work with from all walks of media and entertainment who simply needed to connect. How often do you say in your work life; Wow- you need to meet this person, or you should connect with that person because there could be something special there.

I took that concept and created the signature event for connection in Miami; The VJMedia Mixology. In an word, the event is IMPACT. It celebrates my brand Vanessa James Media, LLC while organically connecting my circles, colleagues, as well as the top influencers, tastemakers and game changers our city has to offer. It has grown into a fabulous movement and meeting place for the disruptive who like to shake things up; and that’s just what I always intended it to be. It’s also become a breeding ground for ideas and collaborations with some of the brands that I work with. Below a Snapshot of 2014.

2015 will be a healthy mix of all the things you’ve grown to know of my brand: Music, Lifestyle, Culture and Travel. Well also be kicking things up a notch as we introduce the worlds of tech and beauty into the mix; this is Miami of course! So mark your calendars for Saturday, September 19th and stay tuned for all of the breaking news, announcements, and activities planned as we gear up for year 4! I look forward to elevating the movement with you! If you are a brand that would like to be apart of the experience, contact Vanessa today. Click here. 

-Written by Vanessa James (Head Dreamer in Charge- Vanessa James Media, LLC).

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