The fall is always such an exciting time for Vanessa James Media. It’s a​ good​ time for me to reflect on the year ​and ​a great opportunity to look at the upcoming season. Last year​, I​​ sat on the beach and I thought about ways that I could celebrate my brand while bringing together amazing women in South Florida who are incredible at what they do. ​Right then and there, I ​crafted ​“The ​W​omen of ​I​mpact ​D​inner​”​. I​n it’s second year, it now serves as​ VJMedia’s ​signature event​ to celebrate​, ​honor​, ​and connect with women in the marketplace who are truly impactful.

For the second year in a row I had the pleasure and honor of collaborating with one of my prestige brands Cadillac, to curate this ​unforgettable ​experience. General​ Motors and Cadillac came to the call along with 15th and ​V​ine (Rooftop restaurant inside ​Miami’s prestigious Viceroy Hotel).​ ​Partnering with these two luxury brands and bringing together female trailblazers to celebrate in their success; now that’s ​where the magic is! We honored women from all walks of media​, ​entrepreneurs​, ​influencers​, ​motivators and pioneers. ​

For me when I think about what makes an event ​truly ​successful, I always say to myself, “it has to ​​feel good”​. ​ It MUST marry all of your senses in one experience and it has to feel right​. ​From the place settings, to the hand written place cards, curated menus and most importantly the energy​, all of those elements were in play to create a memorable night. ​I’m proud to say, I nailed it! That’s a part of the beauty of creating​; ​you have an idea ​that ​you plan​, ​you craft, ​curate and ​you watch it all come to life. ​

We also ​enjoyed a very special​ moment​ ​celebrat​ing​ one of South ​Florida’s​ premiere bloggers​ and our friend​ Jewel Figueras who has been battling cancer recently. ​General Motors ​stepped in to ​do something incredibly special for her that evening. Jocelyn A​lle​​​n, along with the entire G​M team ​c​ame together to present Jewel with a check for the ​O​v​arian National Alliance in her honor. They also created a hashtag appropriately named: #GMForJewel. What a ​heartwarming​ ​moment it was ​to see Jewel overcome with emotion and gratitude. I couldn’t think of a better way to close the evening.​


I​ cannot close without thanking the i​ncredible ​staff at 15th and vine for their impeccable service along with those unforgettable fried apple pies. Both were the talk of the town. ​From the ambiance, to the incredible food, to the desserts, this was truly a delectable night! ​Cheers to many more moments and memories like this​, where vision becomes reality.

I’m ​on a mission to take the movement national, so lookout New York, Chicago, LA, San Francisco and the Caribbean as Vanessa James media is coming your way​ with similar experiences in a city near you very soon! ​I want to take a moment to honor everyone who made the night possible​. From the General Motors and Cadillac family, the team at the Axis Agency, Rachel Pinzur PR, and the incredible staff at 15th and Vine- many thanks for all of your support! ​Until next year!

Written by Vanessa James. All opinions are my own. Promotional consideration: General Motors, Cadillac, 15th & Vine, Viceroy Hotel, Barre Motion, MantraBands, Claudia Calle Artistry.

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